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¿What is the COOP Program?

The Engineering Cooperative Education Program (COOP) at UPR Mayaguez is a planned and progressive educational program that gives students the opportunity of exploring their career interests in jobs related to the field of study being pursued in college.  COOP students acquire work experience before graduating, earn credits towards their study program, and are paid for their work.

COOP Program Benefits

The COOP Program offers multiple advantages to participating students:

  • It helps them clarify their professional career goals
  • They mature in a professional sense as the COOP experience provides them with a realistic view of the professional world before graduation
  • The Coop experience contributes to the development of qualities desirable in responsible professionals entering the workplace
  • Students gain work experience before graduating, boosting their resumes, and opening-up new opportunities
  • Students get paid for their work while also earn credits towards their degree

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 Contact Information

PERSONNELEllen Rios de Acarón
COOP Program Director
Mariel del Toro
Administrative Assistant
SA-201 Stefani Bldg
Mayaguez, PR 00680
Tel. (787)265-3823
(787)832-4040 x3200
Fax (787)833-6965
College of Engineering
Call Box 9000
Mayaguez, PR 00681-9000

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