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Postings of Illinois Department of Transportation

Here you can find all postings attached, also the time it takes to get to the specified office from chicago.

IPR#40570 CET Construction Civil Engineer Trainee, Region 1/District 1/Construction, Highways, Schaumburg – 1 hora de Chicago

IPR#40558 CET Construction Inspection Engineer, Region 2/District 2/Project Implementation, Highways, Dixon – 2 horas de Chicago

IPR#40574 CET Plan Designer, Region 2/District 3/Program Development, Highways, Ottawa – 2.5 hrs al Sur de Chicago

IPR#40571 CET Inspector/Assistant Resident Engineer, Region 3/District 4/Project Implementation, Highways, Peoria – 3 horas al Sur de Chicago y 3 horas de St. Louis

IPR#40555 CET Studies & Plans Civil Engineer Trainee, Region 3/District 5/Program Development, Highways, Paris – 5 a 6 horas de Chicago

IPR#40511 CET Inspector, Region 4/District 6/Project Implementation, Highways, Springfield – 4 horas de Chicago y 2 horas de St. Louis

IPR#40557 CET Structural Design & Review Engineer Trainee, Bureau of Bridges & Structures, Highways, Springfield

IPR#40556 CET Pavement Research Engineer Trainee, Bureau of Materials & Physical Research, Highways, Springfield


Job Positions:

Inspector – Springfield, IL

Studies & Plans Civil Engineer Trainee – Paris,IL

Pavement Research Engineer Trainee – Springfield, IL

Structural Design & Review Engineer Trainee – Springfield, IL

Construction Inspection Engineer – Dixon, IL

Construction Civil Engineer Trainee – Schaumburg, IL

Inspector/Assistant Resident Engineer – Peoria, IL

Plan Designer – Ottawa, IL