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For detailed information refer to the most recent graduate Newsletter published by the Mayagüez Campus.


Requirements for taking courses

Students may only enroll in courses for which the prerequisites have approved and/or co-requisites are enrolled.

  • Pre-requisites: Courses that need to be satisfactorily approved before enrolling in a course that requires it. In the case of departmental courses, students must have approved courses with a “C” or a higher grade to fulfil with the pre-requisite (Certification Number 83-36).
  • Co-requisite: Courses that requires to be registered simultaneously with others.



According to grading system, A equals Excellent, B Good, C Marginal, D Deficient, F Failure, W Authorized Withdrawal, I Incomplete (no provisional grade), S Satisfactory (provisional for thesis or project) and NS Not Satisfactory (provisional for thesis or project) The final grade for thesis or project research is assigned after the thesis or project is approved by the members of the examining committee. .

The grade point average is calculated using the following equivalencies: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=0, F=0. Courses are considered approved with the grades A, B, or C.


Course Repetition

Three undergraduate, advance, or graduate courses can be repeated once maximum. For undergraduate courses, each program establishes a procedure to be followed.


Academic load of courses

It consists of fifteen credits per semester and six credits in the summer session. Under meritorious circumstances, Departmental Graduate Committee may authorize an enrollment exceeding these limits.


Residency requirement for obtaining a degree on campus

  • At a Masters level, a minimum of two academic semesters and to approve in campus at least sixty percent of the courses of the program.
  • At a Doctoral level, a minimum of four semesters for students that are admitted with a Bachelors, and a minimum of two semesters for students that enter with a Masters. In both cases, the student needs to approve in campus at least sixty percent of the courses of the program.
  • In multidisciplinary programs of the University of Puerto Rico will comply with the Residency Requirements as provided by the program’s proposal. In the absence of these provisions, the previous subsections will be applied.



The student will be suspended under any of the following circumstances:

  • If the student does not pass the deficiency courses that were assigned in the conditional admission. (see section G.2.b of the Certification 97-21 of RUM)
  • If the student is placed under probation for a third time.
  • If the degree examination is failed for a second time.
  • If the time limit to complete a degree is exceeded.
  • In Masters Studies, when it exceeds six calendar years from the time the student first enroll in graduate studies, even though it had been moved to another graduate program or suspended their studies temporarily.
  • In Doctorate Studies, when the number of calendar years is exceeded from the moment in which the student enrolls for the first time.

o   Ten years if the student begins a Bachelors Degree, even though the student transferred to another graduate program or has been suspended temporarily from its studies.

o   Eight years if the student begins a Master’s Degree, even though the student transferred to another graduate program or has been suspended temporarily from its studies.

Clarification: The Immigration Services has established that international or foreign students have three years to complete a Master’s Degree and four years to complete a Doctorate Degree, with the possibility of obtaining a one year extension –OEG2003

Procedure for changes in Master’s program

The Department offers the Masters of Science (Plan 1) and Masters of Engineering (Plan 2 and Plan 3). A student who has been admitted to a plan and wishes to change to the other one, must requested it through a letter to the Department Director. Changes of Plan 3 to other plans must be approved by the professor that will guide the student through thesis or project. Changes of Plan 3 in which the student has received assistantship will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.