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Certificate in Project Management Concentration

The College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration offers the opportunity of completing a certificate in Project Management.  The main purpose of the certificate is to expose students to the fundamentals of planning, management, and control of projects. Theoretical foundations are combined with practical experience.

Students from the Civil Engineering and Surveying Program should comply with 12 credits of the following courses:

Required Courses:
( six credits)
ADMI 4085 (Fundamentals of Project Managment)

INGE4008 (Interdisciplinary Approaches to Project Management)
Recommended Elective
INCI 4055 (Introduction To Construction Management)
Free Elective
(Three credits in any of the following courses)
INCI 4056 (Methods and Construction Equipment)

INCI 6077 (Planning and Project Programming)

INCI 6055 (Estimate of Costs)

INCI 5995 (Special Topics in Construction Management)


Certificate in Environmental Engineering Concentration

The departments of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Chemical Engineering offer a variety of courses that covers various aspects of Environmental Engineering.

We offer the opportunity of obtaining voluntarily a CERTIFICATE IN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CONCENTRATION simultaneously with the Bachelor’s Degree of Sciences of Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering. This certificate is offered by the Departments of Civil Engineering and Surveying and Chemical Engineering and constitutes official evidence of concentrated preparation in the area of environmental engineering and can be presented by our graduates as one of their academic credentials when applying for jobs.

To obtain this certificate, the student must pass the course INCI 4008 (Introduction to Environmental Engineering), in addition a minimum of (15) fifteen credits from the following courses:

Civil Engineering
INCI 4008 , INCI 4995* , INCI 4138 , INCI 4998* , INCI 4145
INCI 5995*
INCI 5006 , INCI 5996* , INCI 5007 , INCI 5008 , INCI 5009
INCI 5012
INCI 5015
Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
INQU 4005 , INQU 4002 , INQU 5015 , INQU 5018 , INQU 5019
INQU 5026 , INQU 5045 , INQU 4998* , QUIM 3085

*Topics in Environmental Engineering

All courses of the program should be approved with a minimum of C. This certificate began to be awarded to those students who completed the graduation and certificate requisites in December 1997.