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Benjamín ColucciDécada de Acción para la Seguridad Vial 2011-2020 . Convención Annual y Expo del CIAPR, 25 al 27 de agosto de 2011, Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico.2011
Dr. Felipe Luyanda Villafañe“The Role of the Puerto Rico Transportation Technology Transfer Center in the Enhancement of Engineering Education” . Novena Conferencia LACCEI 2011. Medellín, Colombia, ISBN #: 0-9822896-4-2. 2011
Grabiel Román Valentin "Effectiveness of a Bioswale used for Stormwater Treatment - A Field and Modeling Study" . Conferencia de la Sociedad Hispánica de Ing. Profesionales (SHPE) en Anaheim, CA 2011
Hwang, S., Latorre, I., Irizarry, E “Cordyline fruticosa Growth and Soil Microbial Quality with Topical Application of Coal Combustion Byproducts Aggregates” . Coal Combustion and Gasification Products (under review) 2011
Jean Batista- Abreu, Luis A. GodoyPlaying with Fire: An On-line Active Learning Module to Teach Structural Behavior under Fire . International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologie, Barcelona . 2011
Latorre, I., Hwang, S., Montalvo, R."PVC biodeterioration by landfill bacteria capable of using di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate as the sole carbon source" . Superfund Research Program Annual Meeting, Lexington, KY . 2011.2011
Luis A. Godoy Post-buckling behavior of vertical sandwich cylinders embedded in soil . International Conference Thuin Walled Structures, Timisoara, Romania .2011
Luis A. Godoy y Nora Valeiras Development of an instrument to evaluate students perspectives on Structural Failures . ASEE Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada . 2011
Luis Zapata, Omar Molina y Genock Portela Rheological behavior between Portland cement type I and commercial silica fume . 13th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Palacio de Congreso de Madrid, Espa`na . 2011
Omar Molina, Amparo Moragues, Jaime Galvez y Ana Guerrero Influence of cement properties in the reaction rate and mechanical behavior of concrete with high fly ash content . 13th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement, Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, España . 2011
Felipe Luyanda, Benjamín Colucci“The Role of the Puerto Rico Transportation Technology Transfer Center in the Enhancement of Engineering Education” . Novena Conferencia LACCEI 2011, 3-5 de agosto de 2011, Medellín, Colombia .
B. Colucci y J. Cardona Motrocycle Operation Practices and Rider Attitudes Toward Safety in Puerto Rico . Conf. Annual del Transportation Research Board y Transportation Research Record en Washington, D.C. . 2010
B. Colucci y J. CardonaStated Attitudes, Observed Highway Behavior and Safety Perception of Motorcycle Riders in Puerto Rico . Simposio Internacional en Diseño Geométrico de Carreteras en Valencia, España . 2010
S. Hwang, I. Hernández, I, Latorre y S. Rosado Phaselous vulgaris growth under the influence of manufactured coal ash aggregates . Coal Combustion and Gasification Products. 2, pp 38-44 2010
S. Hwang, I. Latorre Impact of Manufactured Coal Ash Aggregates on Water Quality during Open Pit Restoratio: A Statistical screening test . Coal Combustion and Gasification Products . 2010
S. Park, W. Hassan, J. Moehle, K. Mosalam y R. López Seismic Response of Older Reinforced Concrete Corner Joints . 9th US National and 10th Canadian Conf. on Earthquake Eng: Toronto . 2010
A. Borges, R. López, L. Godoy, R. ZapataImpact of Windborne Debris on Storm Shutters . Proc. 11th Americas Conference on Wind Eng., SJU, PR . 2009
A. Poitevin, B. Natalini, L. Godoy Wind pressure in canopies with parapets . Proc. 11th Americas Conference on Wind Eng, SJU, PR 2009
C. Huerta, F. Upegui y J. Martinez - CruzadoIdentification of Temporal spectral attributes of seismic records by means of joint time-frequency spectral decomposition . 2009 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA . 2009
C. Huerta, M. Pando, L. Suárez R. Ritta y J. Martinez-Cruzado Shallow Soil Layers Fundamental Vibration Mode: A Comparison of Estimations Obtained with the Random Decrement Method and H/V Spectral Ratios Using Weak and Moderate Seismic Ground Motion . Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly, Toronto, Ontario, Cánada (NC 23B-01) .2009
C. Huerta, M. Pando, M. Suárez. L. Ritta y J. Martinez -CruzadoShallow soil layers fundamental vibration mode. A comparison of Estimations Obtained with the random decrement method and H/V spectral ratios using weak and moderate seismic ground motions . Meeting American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly, Toronto, Canada.2009
D. Váldes y GómezEmpleo de Imágenes de Video para Conteos automáticos de vehículos en intersecciones . LACCEI 2009 . 2009
D. Váldes y GómezDetection Technologies for Dynamic Origin - Destination Matrices and Heavy Vehicles Road Selection Studies . LACCEI 2009 . 2009
D. Váldes, E. Jaramillo, Ferrer y Frey Case Analysis: a tool fo teaching research ethics in science and engineering for graduate students . Proc. ASEE Annual Conf and Exposition in Austin, TX. Paper AC 2009-2183 .
D. Váldes, I. Pagán, R. López y R. VictoriaEnergy and Technology for the Americas: Education, Innovation, Technology and Practice . LACCEI 2009, San Cristobal, Venezuela . 2009
D. Váldes, I. Pagán, R. López y R. Victoría . Tropical Storm Impact on Infraestructure: The Case of Tropical Storm in Dominican Republic . Proceeding of Seventh LACCEI . 2009
F. Díaz, R. Sánchez, F. Espinoza y C. Huerta Efectos de Interacción Suelo-Estructuras en el Análisis Sismico de un Edificio en Ensenada . Memorias del XVII Congreso Nacional de Ing. Sísmica Puebla México. CD Proc. Paper III-02, pp1-20 .2009
F. Upegui, C. Huerta, J. Caro y J. Martinez-Cruzado .Site Characterization using linear SPAC Array and H/V Spectral Ratios; Study Case at Experimental Sites at The University of Puerto Rico at May . Memorias del XVIII congreso Nacional del Ing. Sísmica. CD Proc. Paper I-07, pp 1-13 . 2009
Random Decrement method and modeling H/V Spectral Ratios: An Application for Soft Shallow Layers Characterization . Meeting American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly, Toronto, Canada . H. Song, C. Huerta, J. Martinez-Cruzado y H Rodriguez . 2009
J. Obando, M. Pando, L. Godoy y F. Acosta .Assessment at the macro and micho level of the hydrothermal degradation of glass fiber Reinforced polymer materials . Proc. Of the ASME Int. Mechanical Eng. Congress & Exposition . 2009
José F. Lluch Building Information Modeling . Conferencia Internacional de Computación en Ing. Civil en la Universidad de Austin, TX . 2009
K. Steele e I. Padilla .Assessment fo Potential Exposure Pathways in Karst Groundwater Systems in Vega for Eng. And Technology . LACCEI 2009 . 2009
L. Cano, H. Monsalve y J. Martinez-Cruzado . A New Algorithm for Structural Damage Detection Using Time Frequency Analysis of Strong Motion Output Signals . IV Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Sísmica en Pereira, Colombia . 2009
L. Godoy Developing a Computer-Based Simulated Enviroment to Learn on Structural Failures . ASEE Annual Conf. Austin, TX2009
L. Godoy On the origins of elastic stability studies before the XVIII Century . Proc. Symposium on Stability, Structural Reliability and Random vibrations in honor of Prof. Isaac Elishakoff, ASME . 2009
FCMP Tropical Cyclone Wind Speed Measurements database: Revisiting the Roughness Coefficients and Turbulent Intensities . Conferencia 11th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering (11ACWE), San Juan .Luis D. Aponte, P. Vega-Behan, Forrest J. Masters, Kurtis Guley . 2009
Obando, J., Pando, M., Godoy, L y Acosta, F. . Assesment at the Macro and Micro Level of the higrothermal degradation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Materials . Proceeding of the ASME International Mechanical Eng. Congress & Exposition (IMECE2009) . 2009
R. Contreras, C. Huerta, J. Martinez-Cruzado, B. Gaherty y J. Collins . Soil Characterization and site response of marine and continetal environments . Meeting American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly, Toronto, Canada . 2009
R. Tapia, C. Huerta, J. Martinz-Cruzado . Site Characterization in the Urban area of Tijuana, B.C., Mexico by Means of : H/V spectral ratios, spectral analysis of surface waves, and random decrement method . Meeting American Geophysical Union, Joint Assembly, Toronto, Canada . 2009
S. Hwang, I. Padilla, I. Feliciano y J. Falcón . Transport and distribution of TNT an DNT in the presence of surface vegetation with Fimbristyles cymosa . Proc. Of SPIE on Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Obj. and Obscured Targets XIV. Vol. 7303 . 2009
S. Hwang, V. Hernández . Manufactured coal ash aggregates for aqueous TNT sorption . Coal Combustion and Gasification Products .2009
Luis Aponte-Bermúdeza, Kurtis Gurleyb, David Prevattc, Timothy Reinholdd . Full and model-scale hurricane wind pressures on low-rise structures: Call for a joint study . Workshop de la AAWE, Denver, Colorado .2008