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Philosophy Doctor in Civil Engineering


The program requires a minimum of 72 credits after their bachelor education. The student must complete successfully an exam that include written and oral components in the specialization area in Civil Engineering, and approve the final exam application when completed the credits number, excluding the corresponding theses, including a written and oral component.

Academic requirements to complete the Ph.D

(a) Approve a qualifying exam offered according to the standards established by the department. In case of failures the exam can be repeated once more.

(b) Approve the comprehensive exam (preliminary), which addresses topics covered in the courses taken in the doctoral program. The comprehensive exam consists of a written and oral part. The written part is about the topic approved in the doctoral programs. The oral part is a defense of his doctoral proposal. The comprehensive exam will be offered after the student approves all courses required for the doctorate.

(c) Having a dissertation proposal approved.

(d) Conduct an independent investigation that represent a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the area of specialization, and prepare a dissertation.

(e) Approve the oral exam of the dissertation defense.

(f) Give a copy of the thesis to the Office of Graduate Studies. After defending the thesis and make corrections, bring the thesis in electronic format, pdf. It is not required the complete thesis in paper, but is required two originals of the first page signed and the summaries in English and Spanish.

(g) Approve the minimum of credits specified by the Doctoral Program. These are summarized as follows:

  • Up to nine credits of advanced undergraduate level.
  • Up to fifteen credits of thesis.
  • A minimum of twelve credits outside of specialization, but in related areas.

(h) The credits approved previous to the admission to doctoral program may be accredited by recommendation of the Graduate Committee Departmental, but always the students need to fulfill with the requirements of residence (see inciso G.7.b). The thesis credits or inform of project to Master’s levels cannot be accredited.