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Making the Difference: Design and Construction of Removable Oxygen Tank and Respirator Adapter for Scooter Wheelchairs


Student Team:                              

Mónica M. Jorge Berlingeri, Industrial Engineering Senior Student

Francisco A. Granado Santos, Industrial Engineering Senior Student


Faculty Mentors:

Agustín Rullán, PhD

Mayra Méndez, PhD

Cristina Pomales, PhD

Project Synopsis: 

Making the Difference: Design and Construction of Removable Oxygen Tank and Respirator Adapter for Scooter Wheelchairs focuses on adults with disabilities. This project had the purpose of helping a young woman who suffers from bilateral hip dysplasia and obliterating bronchiolitis to achieve independence from her caretakers, by being able to move freely, with little or no help. Hip dysplasia forces the patient to use a mobility scooter for daily transport, whereas obliterating bronchiolitis requires the use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) respirator and oxygen tank, at all times. The design and construction of a removable respirator and oxygen tank adapter for a mobility scooter to assist this young woman was successfully accomplished. Several preliminary designs were considered. The best design option was selected to build a prototype, which was then compared to several commercially available options. The prototype manufactured proved to be the best option in terms of adjustability, affordability, appearance, cost of materials, durability, ease of use, manufacturability, mobility, portability, sustainability and weight. It was also able to provide a high level of user satisfaction and an enhanced quality of life. This project was supported by the National Science Foundation contract CBET-1403753, “Making the Difference: An Industrial Engineering Capstone Design Experience to Benefit Adults with Disabilities.”

Use the following link to access: Drawings and User Manual