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Making the Difference: Occupational Therapy System for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities


Student Team:                                                                     

Laresa A. Acevedo Aquino, Industrial Engineering Senior Student

Grace M. López Correa, Industrial Engineering Senior Student

Faculty Mentors:                                                                                                                         

Lourdes Medina Avilés, PhD

 Mayra Méndez, PhD

Cristina Pomales, PhD

Project Synopsis: 

Even though Puerto Rico offers education programs for children with disabilities, once they reach eighteen, these public programs are no longer available to them. According to the 2015 U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 370,000 adults with disabilities in Puerto Rico. This means that there is approximately the same number of parents or tutors without proper training or available information to learn how to take care and help these disabled adults. This poses a problem because these untrained caretakers may induce additional limitations than the one these adults already have. This is where Asociación Mayagüezana de Personas con Impedimentos, Inc. (AMPI) comes in to help solve the problem. The purpose of this project is to improve the quality of life of adults with intellectual disabilities by developing their ability to identify the parts of the human body and to learn to carry out basic daily activities.

The objective of this project is to improve the visual system AMPI offers their participants, as well as increase the number of activities available for the visual sensory area. An evaluation form will be designed and created to measure activity execution. Finally, at least one specialist will validate the functionality of the designed software. The design methodology required an understanding of the client’s needs. The next step was to determine and analyze the functional requirements of the system. Then, several alternatives were created and evaluated. A final design was achieved, tested, validated and implemented by July 7th. 2017, applying several engineering modules, such as System Testing and Quality to define the user requirements and specifications. A cost analysis was also performed to obtain the most cost effective and usable systems. The last and most important module, Information Technology System, consisted of creating the system and the database for AMPI’s recreational leader to record the performance of the participants using MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

After having designed, tested and validated Digital Therapy, an Occupational Therapy System for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, it can be concluded that the software operated` as expected, successfully meeting the project’s objectives.

This project was supported by the National Science Foundation contract CBET-1403753, “Making the Difference: An Industrial Engineering Capstone Design Experience to Benefit Adults with Disabilities.”


Use the following link to access: User ManualVisual Therapy Application_BETA & Visual Therapy Results