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ININ Senior Design Course (Capstone Project) Information

… for Students!


If you are preparing for your Capstone course, CONGRATULATIONS!  In this page you will find important information about the course.

Please help us better plan for your upcoming experience by filling out the following form with your expected date of Capstone Registration.

Expected registration in ININ 4079 (Month/Year):*

Note: You can select any date within the planned month.


Important dates for 2018-19 First Semester registration:

  • Submission of project proposals (RFCP) by the sponsor:  June 29, 2018
  • Preliminary Graduation Evaluation: June 30, 2018
  • Submission of Project Charter by students: July 27, 2018
  • Latest enrollment date: “Ajustes”


How to get ready to register for the course?


To be allowed to register for the Capstone Design Course (ININ 4079) you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Approve the required coursework for Capstone (ININ 4079). To register for ININ 4079 you must have approved: ININ 4015 and ININ 4040 and (ININ 4022 or ININ4150).
  2. Attend the Capstone Orientation. Capstone orientation can be taken 3 semesters in advance of the registration date for the course. Orientations are scheduled to be offered once every semester.
  3. Sign the “Preliminary Graduation Evaluation”  with the Academic Counselor. The Preliminary Graduation Evaluation is a document that reflects your progress towards graduation. This evaluation is important because it helps to anticipate possible problems for graduationMrs. Griselys Rosado is in charge of this evaluation and it is scheduled one semester in advance to the registration due date for ININ 4079.
  4. Find a partner or teammate. The Capstone project must be performed in pairs. Capstone projects cannot be done individually because of ABET accreditation requirement. 
  5. Get your Project Charter approved. Before you are registered for the course you must submit and have Departmental approval of your Project Charter (PC). The Project Charter must answer a  sponsors’ Request for Capstone Project (RFCP). The pairing of the PC and the RFCP is important given that it reflects that a matching between students and sponsor has been made, and that there is a potential project that could fulfill Capstone requirements. 

Once the requirements above are fulfilled, you should contact the department to exchange important information for registration (e.g. PIN).

To check your status towards registration, remember to check the “Progress Towards Regitration” sheet



Project Requirements

  1. Students are required to attend all course meetings. Course meetings are scheduled weekly. Course section assignment is handled by the department.
  2. Students must comply with all course policies/requirements in course syllabus and faculty policies communicated by the professor.
  3. Students are required to apply concepts and techniques learned in at least two of the following areas of expertise:
    • Work Systems Design and Motion and Time Study
    • Probability and Statistics and Statistical Quality Control
    • Production Planning and Control
    • Operations Research (Mathematical and Computer Simulation Modeling)
    • Plant Layout
    • Automation and Information Technology
  4. All projects must have a detailed economic analysis applying the concepts and techniques learned in Engineering Economics (ININ 4015) and Managerial and Cost Accounting (ININ 4085 and ININ 4086, or ININ 4087).
  5. Each student is expected to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week working in industry (ON-SITE) on their project. A log will be kept.