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What is R²DEEP?

The Recruitment, Retention, and Distance Engineering Education Project (R²DEEP) is an initiative within the Pre-Engineering Program that combines recruitment, training, and retention strategies aimed at improving the quantity and quality of the students applying, entering, and successfully completing the Academic programs offered in the College of Engineering.

Recruitment Strategies

Include the consolidation of summer camp offers, fostering the establishment and growth of engineering clubs in high schools, and maintaining a sustainable plan for disseminating the professional opportunities offered by an engineering career and the academic opportunities offered by the CoE to high-school students.

Training Strategies

Offer, as pre-engineering disciplines, courses in math, computer graphics, and programming to high-school students, in the modality of distance education, reinforcing their preparation for successfully tackling a career in engineering. Courses are offered in a scalable scheme that allows students to receive instruction directly in their origin schools or independently, earning credits that can account towards completing an engineering degree in the UPRM.

Retention Strategies

Retention activities include focused counseling for students at risk, tutoring for program courses, and incentivizing the establishment of first-year engineering learning communities among our freshmen.

To meet R2DEEP requirements

In accordance with regulations approved by the Academic Senate and recommendations from the Department of Mathematics:

Students who score less than 650 on the mathematics part of the Achievement test of the College Entrance Examination (College Board) must take a diagnostic exam prepared by the Department of Mathematics.

  • Students who score less than 50% on the diagnostic exam, are required to attend the Pre-calculus Intervention Laboratory during one semester. After attending the Support Center for Pre-calculus and Calculus Teaching and obtaining a passing grade on the diagnostic exam, the student will be allowed to register in the pre-calculus course.
  • Student with a grade higher than 50% on the diagnostic exam may take the Pre-calculus course without any previous notification.

The requirements to apply for the R2DEEP Program are: 3.50 GPA and a score of at least 651 in the mathematics part of the Achievement Test of the College Board. To apply for register in R2DEEP next semester, students with a score of 650 or less, must take the math diagnostic exam.  Reviews for the test are available in the following link:

The date for the next exam that will be offered (to apply for August 2018) will be announced.

Contact Information

The R²DEEP Project
Engineering Academic Affairs Office
SA-201 Stefani Building
Mayaguez, PR 00680
Ph. (787)832-4040 Ext. 3200