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Course Offerings

The educational plan for R2DEEP is based on the offering of course to high school students in three fundamental areas: Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Algorithms and Computer Programming. These areas were chosen for the potential they have in impacting the student’s preparation for entering an engineering program.

The modality in which the courses would be offered is through synchronized distance learning. In this modality, the course is lectured by a College professors in the university and transmitted “in-vivo”to the participating schools. All courses would be taught the same way they are for conventional students in the UPRM, with the exception of the distance delivery method.

The program duration for students would be one year, starting in summer. The schedule of activities for participant students would be:

  • Summer Period
    • DECEP Math Remedial Workshop
    • Summer Camp Participation
  • Fall Term Available Tracks
    • INGE-3011-  Engineering Graphics
    • MATE-3171- Pre-Calculus I
    • MATE -3031-Calculus I
    • ESPA-3101-  Spanish & INGE-3011 -Engineering Graphics
    • ESPA-3101 -Spanish & MATE-3031-Calculus I
    • INGE-3011-Engineering Graphics &  MATE-3171- Pre-Calculus I
  • Spring Term
    • INGE 3016-  Algorithms and Computer Programming
    • MATE 3171-  Pre-Calculus I
    • MATE 3172-  Pre-Calculus II


  • Students can develop a well structured base to be admitted by the College of Engineering of the UPRM and be successful in college.
  • Students take college courses taught by the UPRM professors and earn credit.
  • By completing the program students can accumulate 5-11 college credits usable when entering to the UPRM. These, when added to the up to 12 credits that could be earned by advanced placement, could account up 23 earned college credits, saving almost two full semesters (one year) in any engineering study program.