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Automated Information Processing (AIP) LaboratoryElectrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Domingo Rodríguez
787-832-4040 Ext 3821

The Automated Information Processing (AIP) Laboratory has as main objective to conduct basic and applied research in the design and development of efficient rapid systems prototypes for digital electronics applications.More...

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The Power Electronics LaboratoryElectrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Eduardo I. Ortiz-Rivera
787-832-4040 Ext 3821

The Power Electronics Laboratory includes three workstation with specialize software for power electronics application, and motor control. This laboratory serves the capstone design course in power electronics, demos for the motor control course, and research (both graduate and undergraduate). Students in this laboratory design systems with solar power, energy efficiency, converting from DC to AC and vice versa, etc.

Integrated Circuits Design Laboratory (ICDL)Electrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Manuel Jiménez
787-832-4040 Ext 3821

This facility is devoted to the tasks of designing and testing analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems. More...

Space Information Laboratory (SIL)Electrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Rafael A. Rodríguez Solís
787-832-4040 Ext 3821

The facility is currently housing the TeraScan High-Resolution Picture Transmission (HRPT) reception system, the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) station, and the Satellite Data Acquisition & Research (SAR) station. SIL capabilities enable students to have the opportunity of hands-on experience with satellite ground stations. More....

Laboratory for Applied Remote Sensing and Image ProcessingElectrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Luis O. Jiménez
787-832-4040 Ext 5276

LARSIP is a multidisciplinary laboratory Engineering at UPRM dedicated to research and implementation of remote sensing, and to the development of signal and image processing, geographical information systems (GIS), and emergency response system and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. More...

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Rapid System Prototyping Laboratory (RASP)Electrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Manuel Jiménez
787-832-4040 Ext 3821

The main mission of the RASP Laboratory is to enable graduate students acquire the necessary training, skills, expertise, and capabilities to conduct academic and industrial research work in the field of rapid prototyping digital and mixed-signal electronic systems.

Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory (PDCLab)Electrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Wilson Rivera

The Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory (PDCLab) at UPRM facilitates a research and educational environment for faculty and students to perform research in the theoretical foundations, design, implementation, and efficiency measurements of parallel and distributed systems.
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Electric Motors and Drives LaboratoryElectrical and Computer EngineeringDr. Marcel Castro Sitiriche
787-832-4040 Ext 3821
Experimental facilities dedicated to component testing and prototyping, component modeling and simulation.More...

Bio-Industrial Engineering Laboratory (Bio IE Lab)Industrial EngineeringDr. Mauricio Cabrera
787-832-4040 Ext 3819

The Bio IE Lab focuses on the use of engineering analysis methods to extract biological knowledge from scientific in-silico, in-vitro and in-vivo experiments. The laboratory integrates high computing capabilities and state-of-the-art algorithms to lead data-based biological discovery.

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Manufacturing Automation Laboratory
Industrial EngineeringDr. Lourdes Medina
787-832-4040 Ext 3819

This teaching-learning facility is the hands-on laboratory for the Real Time Process Control course where students design, build, and control scaled models, mainly emulating real manufacturing operations.

Lean Logistics (LeLo) LaboratoryIndustrial EngineeringDr. Héctor Carlo
787-832-4040 Ext 3819

The Lean Logistics (LeLo) Lab is a student-centered lab that provides hands-on experience while creating practical research-based solutions to contemporary logistics problems. Currently the lab has three main streams of research: events logistics, facility logistics, and humanitarian logistics. Consulting and training at the supply chain, facility, or production line level are available through the lab. The LeLo lab, located in II-115, has received funding from the National Science Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, USGS, Boeing, and Transporte Sonnell.

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Statistical Quality Control LaboratoryIndustrial EngineeringDr. David González
787-832-4040 Ext 3819

The laboratory is equipped with Statistical software for data analysis, design of experiments, and validation procedures. It can also provide hands- on demonstrations for applied statistics courses and for simulation courses.

Measurement LaboratoryIndustrial EngineeringDr. Cristina Pomales
787-832-4040 Ext 3819

This laboratory has been designed to provide students with hands on experience in the analysis and evaluation of humans and their working environment. Tasks are simulated and evaluated based on anthropometrics, biomechanics, cardiovascular, and force requirements. More...

New Materials Development Laboratory (NMDL)Mechanical EngineeringDr. Pablo Cáceres
Dr. Pedro Quintero
787-832-4040 Ext 3719

NMDL is responsible for matching many new differentiated materials and technologies with market needs in the areas of bioengineering, alternative energy and electronics.

Vehicle Design and Research LaboratoryMechanical EngineeringDr. David Serrano
787-832-4040 Ext 3719

This research lab is involved with alternate fuel vehicle research for current and future transportation needs. Current research includes an energy management for solar powered, electric and hybrid vehicles, motorsport vehicle optimization, high speed maglev transportation systems and r/c aircraft.

Micro and Nano Devices Research LaboratoryMechanical EngineeringDr. Rubén E. Díaz
787-832-4040 Ext 3719

The Micro and Nano Devices Research Laboratory is a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom for photolithography.

Mechanical Systems Response Research LaboratoryMechanical EngineeringDr. David Serrano
Dr. Frederick Just
787-832-4040 Ext 3719

MSRRL supports research efforts in various areas that focus on mechanical/material component systems in military and civil applications. Areas ranging from structural vibration control, material characterization, infrastructure health monitoring and diagnostics to even Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor development and applications are currently being performed. More....

The Bio-Microfluidics Research LaboratoryMechanical EngineeringRubén E. Díaz-Rivera, Ph.D
T: 787-832-4040 x2529
The Bio-Microfluidics Research Laboratory focuses on the design, fabrication, and characterization of microfluidic devices intended to manipulate, treat and/or analyze single biological cells for fundamental biological research or biomedical applications.